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Oh shit!

zaterdag, september 3rd, 2011
TitleOh shit!
Estimated date1989-06-01
PlatformCommodore 64
DescriptionWe were in contact with JBS, Jimmy Barnaby Software, or PP, who was the actual guy. We'd call him on the phone during that time (1989) to discuss c64-warez. We secretly recorded one call and sampled one of his exclamations "oh shit!" as a reaction to something that was discussed. I then used the sample to create a little song, using various other samples, all in 8-bit, on the c64 with DELUXE SAMPLER and RHYTHM KING or something, from DATEL. Some samples were taken from Edelweiss as well, from their album at the time. I owned a double tape recorder, with line-in. I created a drum pattern with the DATEL software and recorded the c64 output on the first tape. I then played that one, while taping it to the second tape, while the line-in would also be mixed into the recording. The line-in was the c64 where I tapped keyboard buttons in real-time to mix in the samples. The "poing" sound was used as bassline. It is interesting to note that years after that, the poing sound was used in a gabber track and topped the charts... Anyway, JBS's "oh shit" was mixed in at some dubbing stage, then laughter was mixed in at a later stage and the end result was a track to make fun of him.