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MultiEx Commander 3.4b

dinsdag, december 20th, 2011
TitleMultiEx Commander 3.4b
Estimated date2001-12-19
DescriptionVersion 3.4 of my MultiEx Commander.
- File preview handling through Windows registry enables almost any file to be previewed - MultiEx View removed because of redundance - Right-Click Popup menu's added for userfriendlyness - Saves current paths used by user when closed, and returns there when started - New menu added : Edit - Search archive for files option added - Statusbar added for information on current events. - Added a progress bar during a MultiEx 3 session - Added a progress bar during file analysis session - Custom system message window removed, uses standard - Background music has been removed - Visit web-button removed - New button images by xeNusion now also in this version - Layout changed to standard Windows style - User will be notified when he attempts to open an archive with read-only attributes with MultiEx2(16-bit) to open it MultiEx2 refuses to open read-only files. - MultiEx3 can handle Zlib compression format, also when importing - Added new script commands for MultiEX 3 ASize, ComType, CLog - Altered MultiEx 3 script command GetDString to expand usage Bugs fixed: - Some pop up windows would not return focus to Multiex Commander upon closure. Fixed. - Temporary files were not always deleted when MultiEx Commander was closed. Fixed. - Upon start of MultiEx Commander the internet would be started to do a quick scan for updates. Removed. Now only when the user chooses it in the Extra menu will this be done. New games supported by MultiEx 3: Arcanum DAT file format ...                 +IMPORT FUNCTION Doom, Doom 2, Etherlords RES format                                   +IMPORT FUNCTION Hexen and Heretic WAD fileformat converted to Mex3 ...    +IMPORT FUNCTION FIFA2002 *.BIG files ...                 extract only Half Life : Blue Shift PAK file format added...        +IMPORT FUNCTION Kohan TGW file format converted to Mex3 ...         +IMPORT FUNCTION Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds DRS file format...    +IMPORT FUNCTION Latest games supported with info-zip: Deadly Dozen ZA files ...                extract only Return To Castle Wolfenstein PK3 files...        extract only Thus, totaling Import support for these games: Arcanum                             (*.DAT files) Doom 1                (*.WAD files) Doom 2                (*.WAD files) Kohan                (*.TGW files) Emperor : Battle For Dune     (*.BAG files) Etherlords            (*.RES files) Frank Herbert's Dune         (*.DUN files) Gunman Chronicles         (*.PAK files) Half-Life             (*.PAK files) Half-Life Blue Shift         (*.PAK files) Half-Life Opposing Force     (*.PAK files) Half-Life Team Fortress         (*.PAK files) Half-Life Counterstrike         (*.PAK files) Heretic 1            (*.WAD files) Heretic 2             (*.PAK files) Heroes Chronicles         (*.SND files) Hexen 1            (*.WAD files) Hexen 2             (*.PAK files) Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds(*.DRS files) Quake 1             (*.PAK files) Quake 2             (*.PAK files)