Estimated date2010-06-01
Description-=Instructions=- 1. Transfer your .PT (Paint Tool) file to PC and extract images using PTExplorer as (*.bmp) 2. Open the bmps in PSP or Photoshop and edit them Remember that since black is the transparent color in the in-game pallette you need to change the black slightly in PS so it doesnt appear as a transparent in game. 3. Save the bmps of the same size & color depth. 4. Reimport the bmps into the .pt file to slots of your choice with PTExplorer, but don't use slot 0. 5. Save the *.PT file from PTExplorer 6. Use modio to rehash and resign the .pt file 7. Transfer it to the XBox, overwriting the old Paint Tool .pt file 8. Go to the Paint Tool in-game: the game will detect a corrupted file and when asked to overwrite the file, do it! The game will correct the file, make slot 0 the default logo, but keep the other logo's intact.

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