LFE (Large File Editor)

TitleLFE (Large File Editor)
Estimated date1997-01-10
DescriptionI was fed up with editors that could not handle large files. So I created one myself. I also had a data analysis algorithm in there:
 File Analysis You must give the start and end page of the block of file you wish to be analyzed. This option uses a statistical formula to calculate homogeneity of blocks of bytes. As you know bytes can range from 0-255. So the program checks per page the number of 0, 1, 2, 3, ... 255-codes. After doing that it does the following: H' = ( N * log(N) - Sum ( n[i] log n[i]) / N H'max = log (k) J' = H' / H'max Homogeneity = J' * 100% in which N is total of bytes n is number of character i(0-255) found k is the number of cases of different i Then the found homogeneity is labelled "possibly code" or "possibly data" according to ranges set to define a found value of homogeneity. It must be noted that this "possibly" is essential. Often pieces of code have a J' value that could as well define data and vice versa.

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