Electronic Arts Graphics Tools

TitleElectronic Arts Graphics Tools
Estimated date2010-06-03
DescriptionI created this tool by request at the Xentax Game Research Forum. I programmed it in VB6. Here's the readme: EA Graphics Tools version: 0.1.0 Date: 3rd of June 2010 Code: Mr.Mouse, The XeNTaX Foundation Website: XeNTaX Game Research Forum, http://www.xentax.com Quick manual ------------ 1. SSH Load SSH: Open a PS2 SSH file in a new window. The new window lists the contents and enables you to unpack each image as raw+palette or BMP. Unpack single SSH: Point to an PS2 SSH file and unpack all images as BMP. Unpack all SSH in folder: Point to a folder and unpack all images from all PS2 SSH files found. 2. BIG Unpack all BIG in folder: Point to a folder and unpack all BIG files to a given map. 3. Palette Flip RGB of palette: Switch Red and Blue values of a 256 colour RGBA file. Convert PS2 palette: Convert a raw EA PS2 palette to a normal Windows BMP 256 colour palette Create Test palette: Create a new High Colour 256 colour palette for image testing purposes. 4. Help About: Show some background info Special thanks to the author of ImpBIG.exe.

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